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About Sister Love

SisterLove, Inc., founded in July of 1989, can trace its beginnings to a volunteer group of women interested in educating Atlanta, and especially communities of women, about AIDS prevention, self-help and safer sex techniques.
With a personal understanding of the barriers that kept women out of the forefront of HIV/AIDS education and treatment, Adson Dixon Diallo initiated a collaboration with a local women’s organization to improve access for all women and especially those of colour. In 1987, the Women’s AIDS Prevention Project (WAPP) was formed.
In 1989, the lack of support for WAPP inspired Ms. Diallo to found SisterLove Women’s AIDS Project with the help of WAPP’s Women of Colour Advisory Board. Three years later, in 1992, the organization’s name was officially changed to SisterLove, Inc.
The dedication and compassion of countless women and men have contributed to Sister Love’s stability and growth. Our very existence is a reflection of the women who have shared their struggles and their wisdom with other women in the name of love and survival. We will continue to draw upon the energy of our sisters’ and brothers’ contributions and will remain steadfast in the struggle to combat HIV/AIDS. Our commitment is to the lives of women. Our fight is for the future beyond their lives.
SisterLove is on a mission to eradicate the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS and other reproductive health challenges upon women and their families through education, prevention, support, and human rights advocacy in the United States and around the world.
Lead organizations
As the lead agency in this initiative, SisterLove and the Women Now! Planning Committees are reaching out to partner and collaborate with potential partners given their commitment to, and leadership in, gender and HIV research. Once partnerships are successfully established, SisterLove proposes to convene a planning committee to help shape the program content and format. Ideally the organizational partners and planning committee will combine expertise in research, policy, communications, and innovative thinking and programming around women, HIV and sexual/reproductive health.

About Partner Organisation

About GNP+

“While many people with HIV are now enjoying strong, healthy, full lives; urgency and collaboration are needed to ensure dignity, decency, and survival for the many more people living with HIV and key populations still struggling” says GNP+ Executive Director, Rd. Laurel Sprague.
GNP+ is the global network for and by people living with HIV. We work to improve the quality of life of all people living with HIV. This means we advocate for, and support fair and equal access to treatment, care and support services for people living with HIV around the world.
Involvement, Rights, Treatment
As a rights-based organisation, emancipation and self-determination are our core principles. Over the past decade we have spoken with, interviewed and surveyed tens of thousands living with HIV, getting to know – again and again – the issues of crucial importance to the lives of people living with HIV: our involvement, rights and treatment.

About Karma Communications

Karma Communications brings together the skills, brainpower, creativity, and innovation of Vivienne Naidoo and team. Collectively we have over 20 years of industry experience behind us.
We are a local South African woman owned business and offer a wide range of services through the expert skills of our team and partners. We offer swift turn around on projects and offer reasonable rates on our services.
Our company’s belief is that nothing is impossible. We look at a challenge from every angle in order to provide the solution that works best for you. As a full service company we offer project management and marketing communication solutions. These solutions are not just limited to project management, print or web, but also include bringing your ideas to life. We focus on the message to drive the medium that shall be used. Clients look to Karma Communications as their full-service communications partner, helping to solve problems and create solutions.
Karma Communications specializes in developing exceptional projects and platforms for organizations to share stories, communicate messages, and showcase their work. Vivienne Naidoo has an extensive background in global event management, communications, advocacy, public relations, and multimedia production. She has shown proven creativity in identifying opportunities and approaches for expanding the array of stakeholders engaged in HIV prevention work and has helped to think through priorities and best ways of communicating project activities and messages. Vivienne has successfully managed dynamic and compelling conferences, exhibits, global meetings, and stakeholder consultations at numerous local and international events. Along with the international experience of providing event management, Vivienne is serving as the preferred consultant on event/project management to local and international organizations. She has successfully managed events in Australia, Europe, East and Southern Africa, India, and across the United States of America.


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